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Warning threat worldwide increase in the number of cancer patients should be a warning to the government to improve the overall health policy . Otherwise , the state will bear the double burden of cancer and communities to overcome poverty and development requires huge capital.

Professor of the Faculty of Public Health of the University of Indonesia in Jakarta Hasbullah Thabrany , Friday ( 9/9) , said the new policy to prevent cancer 10-20 years to take effect . This is not in accordance with the political system that only five years . As a result , leaders are busy thinking about their interests and forget the fate of the nation in the future.

World Wide Fund for Cancer Research ( WCRF ), based in the UK , Wednesday ( 7/9) , reminiscent of the sharp increase in overall cancer by 20 percent over the last 10 years. Each year, the number of new cancer patients reached 12 million people. A total of 2.8 million cases related to diet , lack of exercise and obesity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also warned , cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide . Cancer deaths to 7.6 million people ( 13 percent) of all-cause mortality in 2008. Cancer deaths in 2030 about 11 million people. As much as 70 percent of cancer deaths occur in low-and middle-income countries , such as Indonesia.

According Hasbullah , government policies that would trigger a wave of cancer among other massive subsidies for fossil fuels and reluctance to accelerate the development of public transport safe and comfortable. Both policies encourage people to have a personal vehicle that will increase pollution and make people less physical activity .

Other risk factors for cancer are cigarette. Set the government's indecision makes people exposed to secondhand smoke.

Public education to encourage people to eat healthy foods and eating less fiber . This public service announcement with a less vigorous advertising fast food increases the risk of cancer.

Chairman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation , Nila Djuwita Moeloek , say, Indonesia does not have accurate data on cancer patients .

In addition to the development of more environmentally friendly , Nila recalled , was quickly realized that the system of health financing in order to protect the entire community. Cost constraints that make people with cancer more resigned lower middle economic groups.

" The national social security system that can protect all citizens and managed the trust must be achieved ," said Hasbullah .


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