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Hop flowers Potentially So Cancer Drugs

Hop , a set of female flowers of the species or Strobilus hop , Humulus lupulus , used in beer mixture as it can potentially cure . According to a study published in the journal Angewandte Chemie International , hob can be used to treat diabetes , inflammation and some types of cancer .

Hops is commonly used as flavorings and stabilizers namely beer taste with bitter and sour flavors add to the beer . By adding hops to beer , beer flavor becomes stronger . A recent study found that there is a certain bitter compounds in hops that humulones , which could potentially be a cure . But that does not mean it makes the beer is also useful as a medicinal drug .

The study authors said in a release , " Excessive consumption of beer can not be recommended for better health . Humulones Only isolated , following its derivatives , which may provide health benefits . "

Researchers discover molecular configuration of compound humulones by a process called X - ray crystallography , a technique that was developed in the early 20th century . Apparently, during the brewing process , the molecules of these compounds undergo rearrangements , namely a ring structure with five carbon atoms , instead of six .

By looking at the configuration of the molecule during the brewing process , the researchers were able to determine which molecules correspond with a bitter taste in beer . As a result , they can determine the atomic arrangement is most effective in treating the disease . It is important to remember the effectiveness of compounds in treating diseases .

" Now we get the right result , what happens when hops provide a bitter taste in the beer making process to be more reasonable , " said Werner Kaminsky , researcher and professor of chemistry University of Washington . The researchers could find a way to combine these molecules with other chemicals to make drugs , such as anti - diabetic drugs . But still need further research .

Marijuana, drugs against diabetes in the future?

Scientists continue to explore the possibility of cannabis , aka marijuana plants in treatment. A new study says , marijuana contains components that can help control blood sugar .

Cannabis also has a strong association with body weight. In addition to increasing appetite , cannabis could actually help a person stay slim .

Three recent studies have shown that marijuana users had a lower risk of obesity. In addition, they also have a lower risk of diabetes and the values ??of body mass index are smaller. The third advantage is obtained even if marijuana users drink more calories.

How does that happen? One reason is that marijuana users have a better carbohydrate metabolism.

"Their fasting insulin levels were also lower , and they also have a lower risk of insulin resistance ( a condition that triggers diabetes) due to the body's ability to maintain levels of normal blood sugar , "said Murray Mittleman , researchers from Harvard Medical School.

The research Mittleman it includes 4,600 men and women who participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 2005 to 2010 .

Of these respondents, 48 percent had smoked marijuana at least once in their lives, and 12 percent are still sucking up now .

The researchers controlled for other risk factors that affect the risk of diabetes , such as age, sex, akohol use , smoking and physical activity .

Although the risk factors considered, marijuana users have so far in fasting insulin 16 percent lower than those who had never smoked or had not smoked again. Cannabis has also been getting sucker decreased levels of insulin resistance by about 17 percent.

The fasting insulin levels and insulin resistance levels are also closely associated with the onset of diabetes and obesity type two .

The marijuana users also found to have higher levels of good cholesterol , which can protect the body against heart disease. In general, they also have a smaller tower .

Researchers do not yet fully understand the connection because the search is not case-control studies . Also do not know if marijuana or other lifestyle factors as respondents who cause they got a number of health benefits .

One of the allegations is the influence of marijuana at specific receptors in the brain related to appetite and metabolism.

Anti- cholesterol statins , benefits and risks

For controlling high cholesterol levels , medical experts commonly used drugs called statins . However, a number of studies have shown the association of statin use with the risk of diabetes mellitus (DM) .

Head of the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism Department of Internal Medicine Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital ( RSCM ) dr Em Yunir , SPPD KEMD said risk DM is in the class of statins in some patients do discontinue use. And he said , stopping treatment can be fatal because it will make the cholesterol increase again .

High cholesterol , particularly "bad" cholesterol or low density lipoprotein (LDL ) is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. If it is not controlled , LDL make a plaque in the blood vessels of the bloodstream long block that makes blood vessels vulnerable to rupture.

The rupture of blood vessels can lead to disability and death. If a ruptured blood vessel in the brain is the impact of stroke. As if it occurs in the blood vessels of the heart , blood vessels may break cause disturbances of cardiac function in heart failure.

Statins are a class of drugs that lower cholesterol to operate and maintain the stability of a blockage in the blood vessels. If the consumption of drugs called statins are stopped, then again an increase in cholesterol levels and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

According Yunir , the benefits of statins outweigh the disadvantages . "Therefore, statin users should not stop using it , " he advised when met on Wednesday ( 11/09/2013 ) in Jakarta.

Yunir said, binding studies with statins DM showed no causal link . Instead , the study focused only on a survey of tens of thousands of people who were followed for 10 years. The result was an increase in the prevalence of diabetes among participants in statin users .

" But the study does not take into account other risk factors that play a role, such as smoking, physical activity, and others," he said .

Other studies added Yunir showed statin cessation indicate a higher than continue to take mortality. Most deaths caused by cardiovascular disease.

"In addition, even if it is exposed to DM patients on statins are also able to manage their diabetes with a blood sugar-lowering drug. Both treatments will not cause any adverse interactions ," he said .

On another occasion , Dr. Dyah Purnamasari , SPPD Endocrine Metabolism Division , Department of Internal Medicine RSCM said , cholesterol and diabetes is a collection of diseases that occur together .

When a person has diabetes , he said, in general cholesterol . This is because people with diabetes are more likely to have trouble cholesterol disorders of fat metabolism in the body.

Vice versa, if the high cholesterol , it must be searched and screened for DM . " The incidence of diabetes among users of cholesterol-lowering drugs ( statins) has also not escaped on the subject are also risk factors for diabetes," he said .

However, Dyah agreed with the benefits of statins are still much higher than the risks.

"nice" Without drugs, headaches disappear

Some types of non-drug treatments, such as exercise , relaxation exercises , acupuncture can provide relief to long-term tension -type headaches with veins ( tension headaches ) .

Termination important analgesic treatment as a first step for tension headaches because of the frequent use of analgesics uric can actually cause headaches become chronic .

So , Dr. Elisabeth Soderberg with the team at Sahlgrenska Academy , University of Gothenburg , Sweden, presented the results of his research in the journal Cephalalgia .

In the study, the research team asked 90 random patients who had an average of seven years of experience headaches tight muscles , to follow a training exercise, relaxation , or acupuncture. Researchers classify chronic tension headaches vein when the pain lasts at least 15 days per month and six consecutive months.

During the four weeks prior to treatment, patient characteristics were assigned noted that they had experienced headaches. The recording was continued for four weeks of training and continued until the three and six months after treatment .

The use of acupuncture in the recommended 10 to 12 needles, 30 minutes per week for 10 to 12 weeks points. Directed exercise the muscles of the shoulder and neck , each for 100 times , and coupled with the ergonomic pedaling and stretching.

Although relaxation exercises include breathing exercises , techniques for stress management , and how to be relaxed during exercise and in everyday life .

The result compared to previous treatments , relaxation exercises and acupuncture significantly reduced the intensity of headaches up to three to six months. While physical exercise reduces the intensity of headaches and even release some patients for up to six months. Soderberg and the team says , the best results can be achieved with a combination of three techniques.

Acupuncture Increase IVF success

The failure in IVF is still frequently occur. IVF method is usually done in couples experiencing infertility . But that fertilization occurs outside of the uterus , then put in the womb, the failure rate is very high. However, studies in Germany indicate , by inserting acupuncture in IVF , the chances of pregnancy increases.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. As HealthScoutNews cited research by the Christian Lauritzen Institute in Ulm, Germany , involving 160 women aged about 32 years , which is fertilized outside the womb and had undergone two previous IVF cycles .

The 160 women were divided into two groups. A total of 80 women received acupuncture treatment , while the rest is a control group. In the first group received acupuncture treatment for 25 minutes before and after embryo partly transferred into the body of the meridian of the stomach, colon , and ear. According to investigators, at this point acupuncture can increase blood flow and energy of the uterus. In addition , acupuncture also has a calming and stabilizing the endocrine system .

The result , in the acupuncture group , 34 of 80 respondents ( 42.5 percent ) were able to get pregnant. As for the group that just fertilization outside of the uterus alone, the pregnancy rate only 21 of 80 respondents , representing approximately 26.3 per cent .

Can not be known exactly why acupuncture can promote pregnancy rates in women undergoing IVF program . However, the researchers speculate that Wolfgang Paul E is the acupuncture points which can decrease uterine contractions , and it is common at the time of transfer of the embryo in the uterus that may inhibit implantation . " With acupuncture , we try to reduce contraction. Intention to improve implementation ," says Paul .

However, Ingrid Rodi , fertility expert and gynecologist at Santa Monica -UCLA Medical Center, "The results of the study could be just a coincidence . " Why , ten years later , many Rodi patients who also use acupuncture for the treatment of infertility. Although acupuncture can improve the energy balance in order to make the body more receptive to implantation of embryo in the uterus, it is believed that acupuncture can not solve the problem of chromosomal abnormalities that are the source of the greatest failures in the process of pregnancy.

Acupuncture can help pregnant Program?

Is it not pathetic , if you're a nurse in the field of gynecology , but you can not get pregnant? This is what happened Dawn Paddock , who has three years of trying to conceive. But when she and her husband are thinking of undergoing IVF , a friend suggested acupuncture.

Women 31 years and began to follow the advice. For three hours each session , he underwent the ancient Chinese treatment to help her conceive. This treatment yielded results , and Dawn is now the mother of a boy is healthy.

"At first, I hesitated . As a nurse, I am very dependent on western medicine, rather than alternative methods. But I think , maybe he could help me relax , "said Dawn , who regard it as a Rp 850ribu more precious to him care mall.

Aube understand if people are skeptical about the acupuncture treatment , as difficult to explain how it works . But Mike Cummings of the British Medical Acupuncture Society, said that acupuncture can stimulate the nerves around the uterus and ovaries to increase blood flow to the area .

Meanwhile, according to a study by Christian Lauritzen Institute in Ulm, Germany , acupuncture is performed in conjunction with IVF will increase the chances of pregnancy. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine , acupuncture meridians in the stomach , colon, and ear, can improve blood circulation and energy of the uterus. In addition , acupuncture also has a calming and stabilizing the endocrine system .

If acupuncture can be an effective way to improve fertility , it really depends on the case of infertility. If the cause of infertility in couples is declining sperm quality or low sperm count, it will be useless if it is not acupuncture is a party girl . A suggested , the man who has undergone acupuncture.

If the problem is not on fertility, but the uterus or oviduct ( fallopian tube ) is clogged , acupuncture will not help . In addition , although acupuncture can improve the energy balance in order to make the body more receptive to implantation of the embryo in the womb, this treatment can not solve the problem of chromosomal abnormalities that are the source of most major failures in the process of pregnancy , according to Ingrid Rodi , fertility expert and gynecologist at Santa Monica - UCLA Medical Center.

However, it could not hurt you to try to undergo this procedure. In addition, there are patients who were able to get pregnant after having done so. Some celebrities who have called acupuncture helped their pregnancies are Celine Dion and Helena Bonham Carter.

Celine Dion is pregnant with twins after undergoing IVF sixth time. Kim Jakwerth , his spokesman confirmed that the singer of 42 years underwent acupuncture to improve her chances of conceiving. His efforts were not kidding . He had to get to his home in Florida to New York for the IVF procedure for months, interspersed with visits to acupuncturists based in Montreal .

" I never give up ( to get pregnant ) . But you should know that it is very tiring physically and emotionally," he said .

When Ovarian Cyst Brood

Most women in the state, could still understand the function of the ovaries (ovaries ) . In fact, ovarian cancer is a " real " important for women to be taken care of properly.

Each woman has two ovaries to the right and left. Size Canary . Or? functioning ovaries produce the germ cells of eggs, which are produced each month by women from puberty to menopause.

Every disturbance in the ovary may cause inhibition growth , development and maturation of eggs. Some disorders that often interfere with ovarian cancer is a disease of ovarian cysts , polycystic ovary syndrome and ovarian cancers . But all the above disorders , ovarian cysts disease most often affects a woman's ovaries .

However, the disease nonviolent cyst. Because ovarian cysts are benign tumors , the risk of non- cancerous. However, according to Mulyadi Tedjaprana , Director Medizone Clinic, Jakarta , women who have cysts should be observed growth. The cysts can grow and spread to surrounding organs ovaries sufferers involuntarily. " Cysts that can grow up to be violent without complaints sufferers" said Mulyadi .

Hormone deficiency

Women who have cysts on the ovaries usually produce eggs detected pituitary hormones in inaccurate numbers . The lack of this hormone to lose normal function of the ovaries . When the state of the ovaries are not working properly , can arise bypass pockets of growth that develops inside the woman vital tools .

Cysts are fluid-filled bumps resembling pocket , air, or pus in the ovaries. " The size of 1-5 cm , depending on its type ," said Martin Walean , RS Permata Bunda obstetrician.

Ovarian cysts of the disease consist of four kinds: functional cysts , dermoid cyst, chocolate ( endometriosis) , and cysts of the gland ( adenoma ) . Until now not known exactly how the appearance of cysts. Usually , cysts grow slowly and violence often occur when women older than 45 years.

Four of these cysts , often itself reduced in accordance with the improvement of the hormonal balance is a functional cyst. Cysts of this type occur without symptoms. " Functional cysts can be reduced by one to three months and rarely attack both ovaries ," said Mulyadi .

Another case of a dermoid cyst can occur in both ovaries . These cysts appear as links in the fertilized eggs do not turn around to be like hair, bone or fat. Type of dermoid cyst can cause pain when bent or broken.

Chocolate cyst occurs because the lining of the uterus during menstruation usually miss wall mounted outside the ovaries. As a result , there will be accumulation of menstrual blood continues . This is what raises chocolate cysts. "These seconds painless menstruation or sex cysts, " Mulyadi Show .

As cysts denoma hedging ovarian cysts that develop . These cysts can attack the right and left ovaries and cause incontinence . " These cysts can easily become violent at the age of 45 years or less than 20 years ," said Mulyadi .

Can develop in other organs

Cyst disease does not just grow on the ovaries or ovaries of the woman, but also can develop in the lungs , intestines, and even the brain. Cysts may also develop in the vagina and vulva area ( external  enitalia ) . Cysts that develop in the vaginal area , among others, including Gartner duct adenosis and endometriosis . As the cysts grow on the vulva area , among others, Bartolini glands, sebaceous glands, and epidermal inclusion.

Unlike existing cysts in other organs , or ovarian cysts in the ovaries can go by itself . Based on the level of terror , cysts half - half that of non - neoplastic and neoplastic .

Non-neoplastic and benign cysts usually deflate after 2-3 months . Meanwhile neoplastic cysts usually have to be exploited, but clinging to the size and nature .

Ovarian cysts may interfere with the reproductive process of the occurrence of pregnancy. In pregnancy , these tumors can also interfere with pregnancy , such as miscarriage or hinder normal baby at birth.

Since the colonial period

Or historical background of Indonesian women who had suffered harassment cysts have been recorded since the Dutch period . According to the 1935 Eland and Your typical frequency of ovarian Diarmid cysts sick folder reach 3.8% of the size of 451 ovarian tumors examined cancer Institute Netherlands - Indische in Bandung , West Java. "One of these cases had occurred at the age of 13 years old girl ," said Mulyadi , citing the post.

Martin Walean , obstetrician Permata Bunda Hospital , Jakarta, explained , is the tendency of women in Indonesia suffer from growth cysts. " This is because they are rare or simply check a doctor to help monitor the content , " he said.

Yet , despite the cyst disease including benign disease, has the potential to become malignant disease . And when he is like that, should be seriously addressed. Although it is not violent, if twisted cyst also result in a very sharp pain .

Ideal Contraceptive "after childbirth"

Choose a "after childbirth" appropriate contraceptive is quite complicated for most mothers . On the one hand , they do not want to get pregnant again, but they also worry about whether contraception is chosen to reduce the role of milk production. As a result , many young mothers who are lazy to have sex with her husband for fear of becoming pregnant again .

According to Professor Dr. Biran Affandi , Sp OG , contraception is most ideal for nursing mothers is not suppress the production of milk. To do this, you have several options , namely contraceptive implanted in the uterus (IUD) or so-called spiral and sterilization. "However, for a couple who had a child normally would not if sterilized ," he said .

Another option is the use of condoms, family planning implants that can last up to three years , three monthly and the mini - pill contains only one hormone progesterone injections. Contraceptive method usually affects the menstrual cycle, ie just patches only or no period at all .

In addition to hormonal contraceptives, there is always a natural contraceptive choice , namely to breastfeed exclusively for six months . "Babies who are breastfed for a total of an hour each day will stimulate the secretion of prolactin in the brain of the mother in order to prevent the occurrence of ovulation ," said Dr. Biran, in conjunction with the World Day contraception is organized by Bayer Schering Parma.

Effectiveness of breastfeeding is high enough to satisfy a number of conditions, namely exclusive breastfeeding , breastfeeding at least 12 times a day , not menstrual , and babies under six months. When you have your period , go immediately to another motede contraceptive , IUD , implant, injectable or mini pill .

Contraception Press Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Oral contraceptives have long been known to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer for its users. However, recent studies indicate all kinds of contraceptives , even vasectomy also provide similar benefits.

After comparing women with ovarian cancer and healthy women , researchers found women on contraception , whether taking birth control pills, the binding of the cervix , IUD , barriers , or vasectomy for men also get the benefit of reducing the risk of ovarian cancer by 65 percent methods.

In the United States , more than 21,000 women with ovarian cancer in 2010 and 14,000 will die from this disease. An estimated 1.4 percent of women will develop cancer in their lives.

Contraceptive use is known to lower the risk of ovarian cancer , researchers at the University of Texas School of Public Health examined the types of contraception that offer protection against the disease.

The team led Dr.Roberta Ness was then interviewed 869 women with ovarian cancer and 1179 are not the history of contraceptive use are selected. Most women who choose to wear the spacing of pregnancies naturally non-hormonal contraceptives such as avoiding sex during fertile or offline .

As expected , women had to choose a method of birth control pills or the binding of the cervix is less affected by ovarian cancer . But it was not suspected it was also found in women who use an IUD ( coil KB ) . Even 50 percent lower risk.

Experts suspect semen can cause inflammation in the female reproductive organs and long term , this type of ovarian cancer trigger . That is why all the methods that reduce exposure to semen , vasectomy , IUD and so on , which could prevent inflammation.

Birth control pills also reduce the risk of inflammation, because this type of contraception reduces the number of ovulation. Each ovulation will increase the inflammation process .

Most experts believe that it is not enough research to prove the benefits of vasectomy methods to prevent ovarian cancer . So far , the results of the study are consistent with a link between oral contraceptives reduces the risk of ovarian cancer .

Do You Know? Glass Of Wine Each Day Can Be Heathly

Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for health. But if we know the limits of alcohol consumption , particularly wine actually healthy , especially for women .

Recent research suggests that people aged 50 and takes a bit of wine on a regular basis when dinner time were more likely to be protected from diseases ranging from cancer to heart disease, compared to those who drink to excess.

A large study concludes the impact of the consumption of wine in moderate amounts can be the spirit of a stronger person , the body fitter and in better mental health. Nevertheless , experts say the study should not be used to justify that alcohol is always good for health.

According to the researchers , good health is also linked to other factors, such as the management of a healthy diet and exercise routine . They also show that alcohol can cause a person who is at risk of falling.

Researchers at Harvard University have found 120,000 nurses aged 58 years ( group of moderate drinkers ) and observed their medical history until the age of 70 years.

The results showed nearly 11 percent of those who have turned 70 years , have a good health. They are known to be free of the 11 types of diseases commonly found in the elderly , such as cancer , stroke , heart attack and diabetes.

They also mentally strong , free of Alzheimer's disease , and in good physical shape. This also applies to those who regularly consume alcohol doses with mild to moderate , as reported in the journal PLoS Medicine. The researchers said , drinking 15g to 30g of alcohol a day can improve overall health in the last year by 28 percent , mainly drink wine .

The researchers recommend that women can consume 15g of alcohol per day (to avoid the possibility of breast cancer) . This amount is equivalent to about two glasses of wine , and has the potential to improve the health of older people (nearly 20 percent).

The study also shows , daily alcohol consumption is more profitable than just occasionally or twice a week. According to them, 50 percent of daily drinkers were more likely to have a older than those who never drank healthier life.

Hypnosis Can Really Streamline?

Losing weight takes effort whatsoever with restrictions on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes . However, some people want results immediately turned to hypnosis for weight loss.

Hypnosis can have a positive effect in terms of reducing the " weight loss" . According to Dr. Manny Alvarez, grills health care , most people are hard to lose factor "weight" is influenced by mood, habits and lack of self-control . Hypnosis is clearly played a role in people with these characteristics.

However , Manny explained the nature of hypnosis to change subconscious is temporary. " Using hypnosis to lose weight usually consists of two processes ," he said .

First, the therapist must help the patient to understand the behavior of those who cause problems such as loss of appetite or refusal to take exercise. Then, when the patient is in a state of relaxation and impressionable , the therapist will put the suggestion to stay away from bad habits.

Although there has been no scientific conclusion that mention effective hypnosis to lose " weight " according Manny , individual reports of patients and doctors have said, if all methods drop " weight " does not work , hypnosis to consider.

" What we understand is that hypnosis is a form of psychotherapy that are likely to succeed if someone obedient. If you include resistance and doubt , often does not work, " he said.

Although the methods of hypnosis, including safety , we recommend that you choose a therapist who is registered and has a reputation because your mind will be controlled by the therapist during the process of planting suggestions .

" Basically, instead of hypnosis makes thin but healthy lifestyle, such as exercise and diet , which is corroborated by hypnosis ," he said.

Do You Know? Thin Wine Glass

Who says wine or consumption is always bad for health? Researchers at the University Navarro Spain recently reported the benefits of wine consumption in weight loss efforts .

Meanwhile, many people think , alcohol consumption will actually lead to weight gain because of the high sugar content . However, the results of studies experts Navarro University in Spain reveals otherwise.

" The alcohol, especially wine consumption with mild to moderate portions will be more inclined to protect the body against the possibility of gaining weight ," conclude the researchers who conducted a review of 31 previous studies.

They say, the relationship between alcohol consumption and the risk of weight gain will only be known by those who are classified as heavy drinkers . The more often a person drinks alcohol , the more likely to experience weight gain .

Meanwhile, a special international forum on alcohol research supports these findings by stating that the current data did not clearly indicate whether moderate alcohol consumption can lead to increased body weight.

Although Dr. Harvey Finkel of Boston University says , the biological mechanisms link between alcohol consumption and weight change is not fully understood.

Finkel and the team instead found a strong protective effect of moderate alcohol consumption on the conditions such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes, both of which are associated with the risk of obesity.

Some studies have even shown that people who are obese are likely to face the risk of diabetes would be lower if they were included in the group of levels of moderate drinkers .

According to investigators , alcohol provides calories quickly absorbed by the body and are not stored in fat. They agreed that future research should assess the specific roles of different types of alcoholic beverages , taking into account the consumption patterns , including a tendency to gain weight.

According to the researchers , there is now evidence to suggest that people who consume alcohol on a regular basis in a number of small and medium associated with an increased risk of obesity. But a study three years ago showed that the compound resveratrol , a compound present in grapes (wine ) and red wine , can actually destroy fat cells in the body .

Pomegranate Juice Prevent Prostat Cancer

Grenade is now widely sold and packaged in bottles as a beverage . A vitamin C-rich side , the fruit of it also has the ability to fight against prostate cancer cells that attack humans.

Pomegranate juice has been proven by scientists at the University of California to improve the health of patients with prostate cancer and natural medicine to prevent prostate cancer .

Manuela Martins and colleagues mention that prostate cells causing pomegranate juice metastasize testosterone. When cells were injected pomegranate increased adhesion ( attraction between cells ) of cancer cells.

It was a sign that fewer cells break off and make them less likely to spread and migration of cells in the body.

Furthermore , pomegranate juice also inhibits the formation of new tumor cells by inhibiting the function of the protein. Thus, the juice may prevent metastasis of prostate cancer cells to bone.

According to the researchers , there are four active ingredients in pomegranate juice that molecules to fight against cancer cells as phenylpropanoid hydrobenzoic acids, flavones and conjugated fatty acids.

"Because the genes and proteins involved in the movement of prostate cancer cells are essentially the same as those involved in the movement of other types of cancer cells , the components can be modified to have a larger impact in cancer therapy , "hope martin .

Indeed , until now, there is no cure for prostate cancer . Typically , patients treated with surgery alone or radiation testosterone .


In Javanese culture, including dipaling pomegranate sought in the tradition of the seven months pregnant woman. In fact, if the pomegranates are consumed every day, we have a myriad of health benefits. Various scientific studies have shown.

One of the best known properties of the pomegranate is to protect the heart. One study showed that eating about 8 ounces of pomegranate juice daily for three months membentu will reduce levels of bad cholesterol, increase blood flow to the heart in patients with coronary artery disease, reduce shrinkage arteries that supply the brain, as well as lowering blood pressure.

Pomegranates also contain cancer turns. Sweet red fruit and is known to make the cancer cells are destroyed or also called apoptosis process.

Laboratory studies show that pomegranate juice sweetened will not trigger apoptosis in cancer cells of the breast, prostate and colon by activation and the enzymes that regulate apoptosis genes.

The effectiveness of pomegranate caused by antioxidant pomegranate juice has three times more than green tea or red wine. As is well known antioxidants that fight free radicals that damage DNA can lead to cancer