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Contraception Press Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Oral contraceptives have long been known to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer for its users. However, recent studies indicate all kinds of contraceptives , even vasectomy also provide similar benefits.

After comparing women with ovarian cancer and healthy women , researchers found women on contraception , whether taking birth control pills, the binding of the cervix , IUD , barriers , or vasectomy for men also get the benefit of reducing the risk of ovarian cancer by 65 percent methods.

In the United States , more than 21,000 women with ovarian cancer in 2010 and 14,000 will die from this disease. An estimated 1.4 percent of women will develop cancer in their lives.

Contraceptive use is known to lower the risk of ovarian cancer , researchers at the University of Texas School of Public Health examined the types of contraception that offer protection against the disease.

The team led Dr.Roberta Ness was then interviewed 869 women with ovarian cancer and 1179 are not the history of contraceptive use are selected. Most women who choose to wear the spacing of pregnancies naturally non-hormonal contraceptives such as avoiding sex during fertile or offline .

As expected , women had to choose a method of birth control pills or the binding of the cervix is less affected by ovarian cancer . But it was not suspected it was also found in women who use an IUD ( coil KB ) . Even 50 percent lower risk.

Experts suspect semen can cause inflammation in the female reproductive organs and long term , this type of ovarian cancer trigger . That is why all the methods that reduce exposure to semen , vasectomy , IUD and so on , which could prevent inflammation.

Birth control pills also reduce the risk of inflammation, because this type of contraception reduces the number of ovulation. Each ovulation will increase the inflammation process .

Most experts believe that it is not enough research to prove the benefits of vasectomy methods to prevent ovarian cancer . So far , the results of the study are consistent with a link between oral contraceptives reduces the risk of ovarian cancer .

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