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Ideal Contraceptive "after childbirth"

Choose a "after childbirth" appropriate contraceptive is quite complicated for most mothers . On the one hand , they do not want to get pregnant again, but they also worry about whether contraception is chosen to reduce the role of milk production. As a result , many young mothers who are lazy to have sex with her husband for fear of becoming pregnant again .

According to Professor Dr. Biran Affandi , Sp OG , contraception is most ideal for nursing mothers is not suppress the production of milk. To do this, you have several options , namely contraceptive implanted in the uterus (IUD) or so-called spiral and sterilization. "However, for a couple who had a child normally would not if sterilized ," he said .

Another option is the use of condoms, family planning implants that can last up to three years , three monthly and the mini - pill contains only one hormone progesterone injections. Contraceptive method usually affects the menstrual cycle, ie just patches only or no period at all .

In addition to hormonal contraceptives, there is always a natural contraceptive choice , namely to breastfeed exclusively for six months . "Babies who are breastfed for a total of an hour each day will stimulate the secretion of prolactin in the brain of the mother in order to prevent the occurrence of ovulation ," said Dr. Biran, in conjunction with the World Day contraception is organized by Bayer Schering Parma.

Effectiveness of breastfeeding is high enough to satisfy a number of conditions, namely exclusive breastfeeding , breastfeeding at least 12 times a day , not menstrual , and babies under six months. When you have your period , go immediately to another motede contraceptive , IUD , implant, injectable or mini pill .

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