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When Ovarian Cyst Brood

Most women in the state, could still understand the function of the ovaries (ovaries ) . In fact, ovarian cancer is a " real " important for women to be taken care of properly.

Each woman has two ovaries to the right and left. Size Canary . Or? functioning ovaries produce the germ cells of eggs, which are produced each month by women from puberty to menopause.

Every disturbance in the ovary may cause inhibition growth , development and maturation of eggs. Some disorders that often interfere with ovarian cancer is a disease of ovarian cysts , polycystic ovary syndrome and ovarian cancers . But all the above disorders , ovarian cysts disease most often affects a woman's ovaries .

However, the disease nonviolent cyst. Because ovarian cysts are benign tumors , the risk of non- cancerous. However, according to Mulyadi Tedjaprana , Director Medizone Clinic, Jakarta , women who have cysts should be observed growth. The cysts can grow and spread to surrounding organs ovaries sufferers involuntarily. " Cysts that can grow up to be violent without complaints sufferers" said Mulyadi .

Hormone deficiency

Women who have cysts on the ovaries usually produce eggs detected pituitary hormones in inaccurate numbers . The lack of this hormone to lose normal function of the ovaries . When the state of the ovaries are not working properly , can arise bypass pockets of growth that develops inside the woman vital tools .

Cysts are fluid-filled bumps resembling pocket , air, or pus in the ovaries. " The size of 1-5 cm , depending on its type ," said Martin Walean , RS Permata Bunda obstetrician.

Ovarian cysts of the disease consist of four kinds: functional cysts , dermoid cyst, chocolate ( endometriosis) , and cysts of the gland ( adenoma ) . Until now not known exactly how the appearance of cysts. Usually , cysts grow slowly and violence often occur when women older than 45 years.

Four of these cysts , often itself reduced in accordance with the improvement of the hormonal balance is a functional cyst. Cysts of this type occur without symptoms. " Functional cysts can be reduced by one to three months and rarely attack both ovaries ," said Mulyadi .

Another case of a dermoid cyst can occur in both ovaries . These cysts appear as links in the fertilized eggs do not turn around to be like hair, bone or fat. Type of dermoid cyst can cause pain when bent or broken.

Chocolate cyst occurs because the lining of the uterus during menstruation usually miss wall mounted outside the ovaries. As a result , there will be accumulation of menstrual blood continues . This is what raises chocolate cysts. "These seconds painless menstruation or sex cysts, " Mulyadi Show .

As cysts denoma hedging ovarian cysts that develop . These cysts can attack the right and left ovaries and cause incontinence . " These cysts can easily become violent at the age of 45 years or less than 20 years ," said Mulyadi .

Can develop in other organs

Cyst disease does not just grow on the ovaries or ovaries of the woman, but also can develop in the lungs , intestines, and even the brain. Cysts may also develop in the vagina and vulva area ( external  enitalia ) . Cysts that develop in the vaginal area , among others, including Gartner duct adenosis and endometriosis . As the cysts grow on the vulva area , among others, Bartolini glands, sebaceous glands, and epidermal inclusion.

Unlike existing cysts in other organs , or ovarian cysts in the ovaries can go by itself . Based on the level of terror , cysts half - half that of non - neoplastic and neoplastic .

Non-neoplastic and benign cysts usually deflate after 2-3 months . Meanwhile neoplastic cysts usually have to be exploited, but clinging to the size and nature .

Ovarian cysts may interfere with the reproductive process of the occurrence of pregnancy. In pregnancy , these tumors can also interfere with pregnancy , such as miscarriage or hinder normal baby at birth.

Since the colonial period

Or historical background of Indonesian women who had suffered harassment cysts have been recorded since the Dutch period . According to the 1935 Eland and Your typical frequency of ovarian Diarmid cysts sick folder reach 3.8% of the size of 451 ovarian tumors examined cancer Institute Netherlands - Indische in Bandung , West Java. "One of these cases had occurred at the age of 13 years old girl ," said Mulyadi , citing the post.

Martin Walean , obstetrician Permata Bunda Hospital , Jakarta, explained , is the tendency of women in Indonesia suffer from growth cysts. " This is because they are rare or simply check a doctor to help monitor the content , " he said.

Yet , despite the cyst disease including benign disease, has the potential to become malignant disease . And when he is like that, should be seriously addressed. Although it is not violent, if twisted cyst also result in a very sharp pain .

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