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Do You Know? Glass Of Wine Each Day Can Be Heathly

Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for health. But if we know the limits of alcohol consumption , particularly wine actually healthy , especially for women .

Recent research suggests that people aged 50 and takes a bit of wine on a regular basis when dinner time were more likely to be protected from diseases ranging from cancer to heart disease, compared to those who drink to excess.

A large study concludes the impact of the consumption of wine in moderate amounts can be the spirit of a stronger person , the body fitter and in better mental health. Nevertheless , experts say the study should not be used to justify that alcohol is always good for health.

According to the researchers , good health is also linked to other factors, such as the management of a healthy diet and exercise routine . They also show that alcohol can cause a person who is at risk of falling.

Researchers at Harvard University have found 120,000 nurses aged 58 years ( group of moderate drinkers ) and observed their medical history until the age of 70 years.

The results showed nearly 11 percent of those who have turned 70 years , have a good health. They are known to be free of the 11 types of diseases commonly found in the elderly , such as cancer , stroke , heart attack and diabetes.

They also mentally strong , free of Alzheimer's disease , and in good physical shape. This also applies to those who regularly consume alcohol doses with mild to moderate , as reported in the journal PLoS Medicine. The researchers said , drinking 15g to 30g of alcohol a day can improve overall health in the last year by 28 percent , mainly drink wine .

The researchers recommend that women can consume 15g of alcohol per day (to avoid the possibility of breast cancer) . This amount is equivalent to about two glasses of wine , and has the potential to improve the health of older people (nearly 20 percent).

The study also shows , daily alcohol consumption is more profitable than just occasionally or twice a week. According to them, 50 percent of daily drinkers were more likely to have a older than those who never drank healthier life.

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