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Hop flowers Potentially So Cancer Drugs

Hop , a set of female flowers of the species or Strobilus hop , Humulus lupulus , used in beer mixture as it can potentially cure . According to a study published in the journal Angewandte Chemie International , hob can be used to treat diabetes , inflammation and some types of cancer .

Hops is commonly used as flavorings and stabilizers namely beer taste with bitter and sour flavors add to the beer . By adding hops to beer , beer flavor becomes stronger . A recent study found that there is a certain bitter compounds in hops that humulones , which could potentially be a cure . But that does not mean it makes the beer is also useful as a medicinal drug .

The study authors said in a release , " Excessive consumption of beer can not be recommended for better health . Humulones Only isolated , following its derivatives , which may provide health benefits . "

Researchers discover molecular configuration of compound humulones by a process called X - ray crystallography , a technique that was developed in the early 20th century . Apparently, during the brewing process , the molecules of these compounds undergo rearrangements , namely a ring structure with five carbon atoms , instead of six .

By looking at the configuration of the molecule during the brewing process , the researchers were able to determine which molecules correspond with a bitter taste in beer . As a result , they can determine the atomic arrangement is most effective in treating the disease . It is important to remember the effectiveness of compounds in treating diseases .

" Now we get the right result , what happens when hops provide a bitter taste in the beer making process to be more reasonable , " said Werner Kaminsky , researcher and professor of chemistry University of Washington . The researchers could find a way to combine these molecules with other chemicals to make drugs , such as anti - diabetic drugs . But still need further research .

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