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Do You Know? Thin Wine Glass

Who says wine or consumption is always bad for health? Researchers at the University Navarro Spain recently reported the benefits of wine consumption in weight loss efforts .

Meanwhile, many people think , alcohol consumption will actually lead to weight gain because of the high sugar content . However, the results of studies experts Navarro University in Spain reveals otherwise.

" The alcohol, especially wine consumption with mild to moderate portions will be more inclined to protect the body against the possibility of gaining weight ," conclude the researchers who conducted a review of 31 previous studies.

They say, the relationship between alcohol consumption and the risk of weight gain will only be known by those who are classified as heavy drinkers . The more often a person drinks alcohol , the more likely to experience weight gain .

Meanwhile, a special international forum on alcohol research supports these findings by stating that the current data did not clearly indicate whether moderate alcohol consumption can lead to increased body weight.

Although Dr. Harvey Finkel of Boston University says , the biological mechanisms link between alcohol consumption and weight change is not fully understood.

Finkel and the team instead found a strong protective effect of moderate alcohol consumption on the conditions such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes, both of which are associated with the risk of obesity.

Some studies have even shown that people who are obese are likely to face the risk of diabetes would be lower if they were included in the group of levels of moderate drinkers .

According to investigators , alcohol provides calories quickly absorbed by the body and are not stored in fat. They agreed that future research should assess the specific roles of different types of alcoholic beverages , taking into account the consumption patterns , including a tendency to gain weight.

According to the researchers , there is now evidence to suggest that people who consume alcohol on a regular basis in a number of small and medium associated with an increased risk of obesity. But a study three years ago showed that the compound resveratrol , a compound present in grapes (wine ) and red wine , can actually destroy fat cells in the body .

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