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"nice" Without drugs, headaches disappear

Some types of non-drug treatments, such as exercise , relaxation exercises , acupuncture can provide relief to long-term tension -type headaches with veins ( tension headaches ) .

Termination important analgesic treatment as a first step for tension headaches because of the frequent use of analgesics uric can actually cause headaches become chronic .

So , Dr. Elisabeth Soderberg with the team at Sahlgrenska Academy , University of Gothenburg , Sweden, presented the results of his research in the journal Cephalalgia .

In the study, the research team asked 90 random patients who had an average of seven years of experience headaches tight muscles , to follow a training exercise, relaxation , or acupuncture. Researchers classify chronic tension headaches vein when the pain lasts at least 15 days per month and six consecutive months.

During the four weeks prior to treatment, patient characteristics were assigned noted that they had experienced headaches. The recording was continued for four weeks of training and continued until the three and six months after treatment .

The use of acupuncture in the recommended 10 to 12 needles, 30 minutes per week for 10 to 12 weeks points. Directed exercise the muscles of the shoulder and neck , each for 100 times , and coupled with the ergonomic pedaling and stretching.

Although relaxation exercises include breathing exercises , techniques for stress management , and how to be relaxed during exercise and in everyday life .

The result compared to previous treatments , relaxation exercises and acupuncture significantly reduced the intensity of headaches up to three to six months. While physical exercise reduces the intensity of headaches and even release some patients for up to six months. Soderberg and the team says , the best results can be achieved with a combination of three techniques.

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