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Chew like ice Indication anemia ?

Manifestations of anemia is not just pale , soft, listless, and fireflies alone. Love eating ice cubes and clay may be a manifestation of anemia. This is called the identification problem and corrective action (AIP).

If you come across people with this habit , do not immediately assume that they are weird, but must pay attention to their health. Because people with PICA has a disproportionate risk of anemia.

Chew like ice Indication anemia
Chew like ice Indication anemia ?

Anemia , or known by the terms under simple blood is one of the symptoms caused by a lack of iron . The anemia is characterized by the amount of hemoglobin ( HB ) , which is less than the normal amount which is less than 12 in the female, and of less than 13.5 for men.

Decrease in HB rates will cause a reduction in the ability of blood to bind oxygen . As a result , the body was deficient oxygen supply , so it is easy to feel tired.

Anemia can cause a variety of serious health problems such as disorders and children's intelligence growth. The risk of bleeding during pregnancy and childbirth , and even the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

According to specialists in internal medicine Ayu Nadia Mulansari Division of Hematology-Oncology Faculty of medicine / RSCM , consumption of materials that are "weird" and do not contain nutrients such as ice , clay and sand causes malnutrition which ultimately leads to anemia .

" Anemia is an indicator of malnutrition. Nutrition should come from food , because eating ice replaced with stone or clay , so that nutritional needs are not met ," said Nadia in launch Center Tanya anemia in Jakarta last week ..

Reported by the New York Times, ice consumption can also interfere with the function of digestion and absorption of iron and other minerals. As a result, people will PICA iron deficiency . PICA is likely to disappear when the patient has received treatment for iron supplement.

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