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Fish oil supplements to improve children's ability Read

Many parents give fish oil supplements for their children because the calcium and omega- 3 is good for growth. According to recent studies , fish oil can also improve the reading skills of children.

Researchers at the University of Oxford, UK, research on the benefits of omega - 3 reading ability . 362 children aged 7-9 years given fish oil supplements as a source of omega - 3 fatty acids at a dose of 600 mg for 16 weeks.

Although there is no significant effect on the entire sample , but children with low reading ability , after a routine source of omega-3 , the increase in capacity reading in three weeks compared to children who received a placebo or supplements have no active ingredient.

Dr Alex Richardson, principal investigator of the Center for intervention based on evidence at the University of Oxford , said , omega -3 proven to improve the reading skills of children who are in the lowest price supplementation to match his friends.

Above studies , omega -3 supplementation is also beneficial for children who suffer from disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder , children with dyslexia and impaired coordination of development.

Even so, parents should not rely too much on the ability of supplements to improve the reading skills of children in a short period of time.

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