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Flu and Cough Not Need Antibiotics

The irrational use of antibiotics most often cough and runny nose due to viruses . Nearly a quarter of people believe that the flu and cough heal faster if antibiotics Treaty. In fact , only the antibiotic to cure diseases caused by bacteria , while caused by influenza viruses .

The results of a survey conducted by the Health Protection Agency (HPA ) is made in the UK over 1,800 people . The survey also revealed that 1 in 10 people do not pass the prescription of antibiotics and the rest will eat pain if one day return .

Although the survey in the UK , in fact, the irrational use of antibiotics took place almost in many places , including Indonesia. Citing reports World Health Organization (WHO) in 2005 showed an average of 50 prescription drugs in health centers and hospitals in Indonsia containing antibiotics.
Similar results were found in studies Parents Foundation care. A total of 86.4 percent of children with a viral infection characterized by fever and 74.1 percent of children with diarrhea with antibiotics prescribed.
Antibotik is an important discovery in the world of health. However, these drugs can not cure all diseases. Rational use will harm than good .

The habit of giving antibiotics incorrect dose , frequency of administration are false, and the time is too long or quickly reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics as a germ killer . Ineffective therapies pose a serious resistance to drugs.

According to HPA 30 percent of respondents buy antibiotics each year. " This proves that the more often we take antibiotics, the more likely race in the resistance. Another side effect is diarrhea due to antibiotics ," said Dr.Clioda McNulty, the HPA .

HPA also recommends that health care workers will limit the wishes of the patient antibotik as 97 percent of respondents said the last time they asked antibotik the doctor, they were immediately given a prescription .
" Despite many years campaigned on the dangers of drug resistance and the flu and cough disease can not be cured with antibotik , in fact, the myth is still believed," said McNulty .

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