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Unexpected benefits of massage

Massage has been known as a method of treatment for thousands of years before. So far, a massage is still the mainstay of most people to get a better body fit and healthy.

Massage has many benefits, such as the smooth blood circulation and help relieve pain. But there are also benefits that are not yet know this activity. Well , here are six of the unexpected benefits of massage you need to know.

1 . Massage helps to cure migraines.
If your migraine often , maybe a massage can be selected. Researchers at the University of Auckland found that there was an improvement in severity of migraine and sleep quality in patients with migraine after receiving massage therapy for several weeks.

2 . Massage helps relieve the pain after exercise
Researchers have indicated that massage therapy reduces inflammation in muscles derived from sports . The original Buck Institute for Research on Ageing Studies and McMaster University in Ontario found that the way to cure inflammation massage is similar to how anti -inflammatory drugs.

3 . Massages are ageless
The massage improves blood circulation and a gentle massage of the face is able to make it more healthy and youthful. Kimara Ahnert according to a skin expert , Massage able to fight against sagging skin and adds vitality to dull skin .

4 . Relieve premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
PMS is a problem that most women each month. The good news , massages can help relieve symptoms. According to the study of the origin of the Touch Research Institute and the University of Miami Medical School , Massage can fight mood swings , bloating, headaches , weight gain and other symptoms of PMS .

5 . Massage is beneficial in curing chronic pain
Nancy M. Porambo , certified massage therapist contrast, patients with chronic pain of joint disease feel better after a couple of times a massage with a special method .

6 . Reduce side effects of cancer
Boston researchers found that cancer patients experience an improvement in the quality of life in general. The patient was able to sleep better and feel the pain they feel lighter .

Similarly, a 2004 study at Memorial Sloan -Kettering Cancer Center , New York. The study found that massage therapy reduces symptoms such as pain , nausea , fatigue , depression and stress in cancer patients .

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