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Supplements Harmful if False use

Supplements in various forms to achieve the "perfect" body spreads in the market. Customers are not only athletes, but also the general public. Without knowing how to use the right supplements and doping can be considered harmful to the body.

Supplements Harmful if False use
Supplements Harmful if False use

specialist sport, Michael Triangto says , is actually a dietary supplement for the absence of additional substances in the body. Variegated form and function .

" It is in the form of tablets, capsules , powders , such as milk , and others. Its function is also to all kinds, among them to increase muscle mass , weight loss, and increase energy "said Michael .

According to Michael , who became a physician experienced in the national Indonesian badminton training , the desire to have a beautiful body shape was held among the general public. To expedite the process , a supplement to be an option.

However, there are several factors that must be considered before the supplement is consumed , the user should pay attention to the state of his own body. Supplements can not be used by a person with a good physical condition.

" Those who are sick should consult your doctor because it could be a substance in the supplement actually worsen the pain ," says Michael .

Supplements users should also read the detailed instructions in the box . Michael has even suggested a new user must reduce the dose recommended . "In general, supplements dose packaging is for Westerners gVirt_NP_NN_NNPS __ < __ consumption was greater than Indonesia. Posture also affects the dose which should be consumed , "said Michael .

Without the proper dosage , adverse effects will arise in continuous use , like baldness , kidney and liver dysfunctions , heart attack, blurred vision , as well as brain and nervous disorders.

Therefore, the use of supplements would be better if it is accompanied by the doctor's instructions . " Do not follow the instructions to your friends or relatives who had , as it could have different effects , " said Michael .

In addition, as indicated by other sports doctor, Roy Tobias, many supplements training muscle mass are not registered and do not have the authorization of the Supervisory Agency Food and Drug Administration ( BPOM ) . The seller argued supplements, their merchandise is already listed in the Food and Drug Association registered in the United States or other developed countries.

"Consumers should be wary of supplements that are not listed on the national authorities. Often not all content is written honestly supplements. There are substances included anabolic steroids , but not write , "said Roy.

The use of large amounts to the athletes can be seen the negative effects in the three to four years . For people who do not use regularly , the negative effects will be felt in 20-30 years.

Lucky S BPOM head Slamet said he did not directly supervised substances , particularly steroids, are victims of violence. According to him, BPOM only monitor the hardware and can not be used in a product .

In the world of sport, doping Indonesian Institute ( LADI ) , as representative of the Council of the World Anti- Doping Agency ( WADA) , plays an important role in maintaining good sportsmanship . They also have to protect the athlete from the use of illicit substances.

However, its implementation has not been easy. " The rules of the AMA is already clear . Disadvantages operating budget to carry out the task of supervision of these institutions have become the biggest obstacle ," said President Dr. Dwi Hatmisari LADI Ambarukmi .

Dwi said , LADI role is important because it is responsible for overseeing the use of the list of prohibited substances by WADA. The list of substances that are always updated each year to manage LADI and doping control laboratories worldwide to determine the validity of the performance of the athlete.

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